When neighbours needed you the most,
you delivered.

You gave a lifeline to families and the food banks they rely on during some of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. Thank you for being an incredible part of the Food Banks Canada team!

Watch this special message from Kirstin Beardsley, Food Banks Canada’s CEO, and learn more about your incredible impact, and our ambitious goals for the year to come.



During a time when so many households struggled to keep food on their table, you helped get food where it was needed most, from coast to coast to coast.

31,363,682 M*
pounds of food


150,000* After the Bell food packs delivered to help keep children from going hungry during the summer, with the goal of shipping 175,000 After the Bell food packs to high need communities this summer.

1,113,673 M* pounds of food rescued and distributed to food banks nationwide in partnership with the For Good Foundation.

* Numbers from 2022 fiscal year

You provided nourishing food to elders in Inuvik

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept through Inuvik in March 2020, the whole city shut down. The number one concern of the Inuvik Food Bank was the elders of the community, and how they would continue to access food during the crisis.

The food bank quickly jumped into action to offer a contactless delivery system to ensure no elder went without food. It soon became apparent that it wasn’t just elders who urgently needed this service — so did students, single parents, families, and single adults.

While these food deliveries provided a much-needed lifeline, it strained the Food Bank’s staff and resources to their limits. Thankfully, with your support, Inuvik Food Bank received a Food Banks Canada grant allowing them to upgrade their storage, reimburse their volunteers for gas and transportation costs, and support their new food delivery program in many other ways.

While the delivery program was first launched due to the pandemic, it has now become an indispensable service in the community, helping reach every neighbour facing food insecurity who isn’t able to travel to the Food Bank.

This single grant made a pivotal difference in our service and operations. We now have 9 elders who we permanently deliver hampers to, who could never have accessed the food bank otherwise.


During a time when food banks were stretched to capacity, you were there, providing much-needed support so they could keep their doors open and meet the growing and changing needs in their communities.

4,739* grants provided over the last 3 years to help food banks build capacity, adapt to the needs in their communities, launch new programs, and upgrade their infrastructure.

4,700+ food banks and food relief organizations supported from coast to coast to coast.

You kept a food bank going strong in small-town Newfoundland

With your help, the Botwood Interfaith Good Will Centre is better able to meet the needs of their small-town Newfoundland community, and the needs of its 100% volunteer staff! The Good Will Centre was the recipient of a Food Banks Canada Rural Capacity Grant that allowed it to purchase much-needed trolleys and a brand-new, larger cooler.

“Food banking is hard work, and the average age of our volunteers is 75 years old. The boxes of food are extremely heavy. The trolleys are appreciated more than you can imagine!” Amy Ralph, the Centre’s Chairperson, says.

Before the new cooler, the Centre’s volunteer staff had trouble managing donations of fresh, perishable food from the community. “It had to be taken all over town to be stored. In restaurants, at the Legion, even at people’s homes!” Amy says.

With the help of the Food Banks Canada grant, the Centre now has a large capacity, easy access cooler so they never have to turn away donations, making it that much easier to get food to those who need it most in Botwood.

We are so thankful for what you do on our behalf, and on behalf of all those who suffer from food insecurity.


With you by our side, Food Banks Canada has made exciting progress towards a Canada where no one goes hungry, working tirelessly with governments to create policy that mends our social safety net and overcomes the root causes of hunger in Canada.

Over the last three years, the following inroads have been made with our participation:

  • A federal commitment to a national affordable early learning and childcare system
  • The ongoing modernization of employment insurance
  • The planned introduction of a disability inclusion plan and a new benefit for people with disabilities
  • Introduction of a new, national poverty reduction strategy
  • Expansion of the national housing strategy, including fast-tracking affordable housing
  • Changes to the Canada Worker’s Benefit and the first introduction of policy language regarding low-income singles

Words of thanks from food banks,
and the families that rely on them.

“Many barriers exist for those in rural areas. By supporting Food Banks BC with transport funding, food didn’t have to be one of them. On behalf of all the communities and households we serve in our region, thank you for your very generous support of Food Banks BC, and by extension hundreds of food banks within the province.”– Dan Huang-Taylor, Food Banks BC

“When we were able to hire the extra staff [with the help of the Food Banks Canada grant], it took a great deal of burden off our small existing staff of 2. With the lack of volunteers, we were able to meet the growing need for support without burnout.”
– Brenda Leclair, Chathan Outreach for Hunger

“We had a client who came in the week after school let out in near tears. The school meal program had ended, and she didn’t have anything to get by in the interim. When we pulled out the After the Bell packs, she lit up. She began to cry again and hugged the volunteers.”
– Whitehorse Food Bank

for everything that you do to ensure
that there is food for all in Canada.